February 14, 2022 Renee Alexis

5 Good Problematic Teen Poked Fun at a Cancer Patient


5 Good Problematic Teen Poked Fun at a Cancer Patient

The internet is one of the world’s greatest inventions, and it can be a powerful and scary thing at the same time. It provides all the information you need in just a click of a button; it satisfies your curiosity; it entertains you; it gives you the means to reach out and connect to people who are miles away from you. The internet is amazing on so many levels, some people can’t even imagine life without it.

Problematic Teen Poked Fun at a Cancer Patient

The internet has given people the platform to share their lives and thoughts through the use of various social media applications. It has given birth to what we call “influencers” today, and some people rely on social media and the internet itself for their living. Our world is becoming more and more digitalized than ever and, although the internet has so many benefits and advantages, it has also a bad side.

If not careful, you can fall prey to the negativities of the internet. In everything we do, we must always remember to be conscious of all the things we put out for the world to see. Stalking, cyberbullying, public shaming, cancel culture, and many more negative things have taken place on the internet over the years. A lot of things happened, and you’d think that today, people would have already learned the lesson.

Just recently, a YouTube video came to the attention of netizens because of its enraging content. Trigger warning: Before you click and watch the video, be informed that it contains a countless amount of swearing, bullying, and inappropriate language. Watch at your own risk.

Yesterday, this video about a girl making fun of a person with cancer received numerous backlash from Reddit. The girl in question is a streamer who goes by the name Playmatetessi and what she said in her life enraged a lot of viewers. Tessi poked fun at a girl she seemed to meet online who has cancer. “Take off your wig”, “You have cancer, oh my … you are such a loser”, and “You’re wearing a wig ’cause you’re bald” are just some of the things she stated. Watching the video triggered a lot of emotions, I couldn’t even believe a person like this exists. She is just downright vexing and infuriating. Problematic Teen Poked Fun at a Cancer Patient

Two weeks after the said video, she went on life again but fell asleep on her stream, causing her to “unintentionally” reveal personal details about her family that made her father lose his job. This said karma had not only affected her but her family as well. Her dad kicked her out of the house and disowned her. In return, Tessi reported her dad to the police and went as far as telling them that her dad was a threat to her safety, causing a lot of discussions on Reddit. To address the issue, her dad streamed a video telling his side of the story. 

Problematic Teen Poked Fun at a Cancer Patient

This incident created huge turmoil in Reddit, and people thought this problematic and entitled brat deserves to be canceled. A YouTuber named Spete even created a video to appeal to his viewers to report Tessi’s page. 

This drama just goes to show that people would go to the highest extent just to get some attention. Tessi is a terrible person, and she’s not even sorry about it. 

The internet and social media can be a lot of things, but it should never enable people to be horrible to other people. It should never be a means to bully, intimidate, and torment other people. Use social media wisely. Learn how to use it well and reap the benefits, or be like Tessi and face the lifelong consequences. Problematic Teen Poked Fun at a Cancer Patient

Problematic Teen Poked Fun at a Cancer Patient


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