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  • 2019
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Teddy Shoes Inc. is a family-owned business and has been operating since 1957 selling family footwear and dance shoes/apparel. Now, more than ever, the company needs a reliable website to keep the business going.

The old platform that Teddy Shoes used was Magento 2. Magento 2 was difficult to patch with security updates and the site speed was exceedingly slow that even with a Virtual Private Server, it was very unresponsive. The site contained around 15,000+ products and the website just kept on crashing. Ecommerce had become a large part of the client’s business so a reliable website was a must.

Magento 2 Platform
Shopify Platform
Building the concept

We decided to migrate the website to Shopify. We successfully migrated all the products using the Shopify API along with the meta tags and brands. The new website is now twice as fast and does not crash or malfunction anymore. The overall functionality was improved as well as the site design and layout. Pop-ups for promos, announcements, and new products were integrated as well as a newsletter subscription box.

Along with migrating to a new platform, a rebrand was done for a simple and more redefined logo. As part of the new concept, a promotional video was made featuring a local dancer. This video was extensively shared on social media.

Teddy Shoes may seem like a simple family business, but the heart & passion of the people behind it resonates through the site.

Continuing the Tradition

A humble Boston-based family business was suffering from various problems with their online store – the site was slow, unresponsive, and always crashing. With the help of a simple platform change, logo rebranding, social media, and video promo, we helped them overcome their troubles tremendously.

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