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7 Best Personal Development Apps You’d Never Thought You Needed

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7 Best Personal Development Apps You’d Never Thought You Needed

In our world today, there is just about anything for everything. If you are looking for personal development apps to help you in your daily life, you’d be surprised that there’s a range of great ones you might love! Whether you are looking for an app that will help you with your career, relationship advice, time management, focus on your hobby, or help you relax and destress, there are personal development apps that are made for you. Here are some favorites: Personal Development Apps

Elevate – Brain Training Personal Development Apps

If you are looking for a fun way to challenge yourself and keep your mind sharp, this brain training app is a must-have. With Elevate, you can improve your reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics capabilities. In collaboration with experts in the field of neuroscience and cognitive learning, Elevate has over 35 games that will improve critical skills like memory, processing, focus, precision, and comprehension. This app greatly helps you in honing your listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills with games that focus on reading comprehension, improving and building vocabulary, and spotting grammatical errors. It also has mathematical games that will help you think fast improving your arithmetic thinking. Personal Development Apps

Aside from cognitive games, Elevate offers detailed performance tracking, personalized daily training, and other features. The app is free to download but the free feature is limited to only three games a day. To experience the full features of the app, there is a modest price of only $4.99/month or $39.99/year that you can avail to enjoy the many benefits that come from improved life skills.

Personal Development Apps

Forest – Stay Focused Personal Development Apps

Personal Development Apps. What makes this app unique among others is it offers an innovative solution for staying focused and productive in the present moment. Our world has become a series of infinite distractions and this helpful app can be a great help to battle this issue. Based on the Pomodoro Technique, which is a time management strategy, Forest is a very simple app that you can use every day to avoid picking up your phone and mindlessly scrolling through it. By setting up a timer, you will be able to put down your phone and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Furthermore, to make it more interactive with its users, the Forest app employs a gaming concept of allowing users to grow their virtual forest by spending time being productive in the real world. The coolest factor of Forest is that it allows users to use virtual reward coins to plant real-life trees in underdeveloped countries via partnerships with environmental non-profit organizations at a one-time cost of $1.99. Don’t you just love it when you find a useful app that allows you to be productive and, at the same time, help mother earth? Coz I do!


If you love staying organized as I do, this app will be your new favorite! With notes and to-do lists, Evernote has been a life-saver with its multiple notebooks for both personal and business use. And the most useful feature it has is the auto-synchronization feature which you can install on your phone and pc.

Are you out in public when a brilliant idea suddenly struck you? Evernote is a handy app for recording photos, audio, or written notes on your phone that you can take anywhere. No wifi? No problem, it will still be functional and will automatically sync through all your devices once you are connected to the internet again.

I’ve tried other note-taking apps, but I never found a better one than Evernote. It’s an easy-to-use, clean, and organized app that works wonders!

Fabulous – Daily Self Care

With a 4.6 star rating on iTunes and over 30,000 reviews, Fabulous is considered one of the most powerful personal development apps available today. Developed in Duke’s Behavioral Economics Lab, Fabulous has a great visually stimulating interface that’s easy to use and will help you build healthy habits and rituals into your life. The easy-to-use interface of the app and the daily interactions make the process changing as well as habit-building an enjoyable process. You can also add personalized one-on-one coaching and a plethora of exercises are available with a premium account that promotes personal transformations. With the cost of $9.99/month or $95.99/year, Fabulous a great option to use to improve health, happiness, and success across every facet of your life.

Personal Development Apps


One of the things that make most people not do anything is not the lack of motivation but the anxiety they feel because of a certain situation. Not to mention that depression and anxiety amidst the pandemic is not a joke. We are all just trying to cope and survive in everyday life. Your is a mindfulness app that generates a pocket AI therapist that is always there to talk. This app helps protect your emotional health by tracking and analyzing your moods daily, calming your mind to help you sleep faster, making you feel more balanced and focused, and also helping you understand yourself better. This app is free to download with in-app purchases to avail of the premium features.


If you want to learn a new language, I highly recommend Duolingo. It’s a free app that has a variety of language lessons such as French, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Italian, and many more. The app’s interface is interactive and very user-friendly that making the learning process a breeze. Each lesson only takes 5-10 minutes depending on your pacing. You can determine how many lessons to partake in every day and you can track your progress in the app. This app is available on both Android and iOs devices, and it is also available on the web.

Personal Development Apps

Goodreads Personal Development Apps

If you are looking to start reading or even just read more, having the Goodreads app will prove helpful in your journey. It’s the perfect companion for tracking your reading progress. Join in a community and be inspired by fellow readers and their wide selection of books to read. Goodreads allows you to interact with other readers, find book reviews, join in the yearly reading challenge, add books to your virtual bookshelves, and also rate and review the books you’ve read. It’s one of my favorite apps on my phone!

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