July 30, 2021 Renee Alexis

5 Ways to Incorporate Video Marketing into your Business

Are you looking for ways to level up your small business’ digital marketing? Here are ways to incorporate video marketing into your business strategy.

We’ve talked about video marketing in our blog a couple of times. In this post, we will be talking about actionable steps on how to include videos in your content marketing strategy. You don’t need to have a director or a scriptwriter or a film crew. You only need your creative ideas and these video marketing tips

Videos play an important part in digital marketing today. Most people prefer watching videos to reading a long all-text article to help them with their problems or even just gain information from something they’re curious about.

You can leverage this information to make your brand and company more appealing to your audience. Videos are effective in telling a story, building connections, and tapping into the emotions of your consumers.

With a solid video marketing strategy, you can build and establish trust with your audience and share your brand’s story in a. elaborate way. 

Here are five (5) ways on how to incorporate video marketing into your business.


Tell Stories

A video is an excellent platform for storytelling. Take this opportunity to show off the behinds of what your brand is all about. Be creative and tell stories about the business’s history, your employer’s stories, some problems you encountered, or even a customer’s story. These will allow viewers to connect with you and put real faces behind the logo that they usually see.


Make How-To Videos

Showcase your products and address frequently asked questions about it in a video. Give your audience useful advice that they can apply to their lives. This is a great way to show your expertise and knowledge about your industry.



Repurpose Old Content into Videos

Make use of the content already found on your website and make them into several videos. This is a great strategy to maximize the use of your old content. Update them and repurpose them into video format.

If you have blog posts and lists, you can convert them into video format and make them even more interesting. Make these articles into bite-sized information that is easy to digest and make them into 1-2 min videos that are shareable to generate engagement. Don’t forget to add calls to action at the end!


Create Short Videos for Social Media

Millennials and the younger generation flock over social media for news and updates so it just makes sense that you branch out your digital marketing to social media as well.

Make short and simple videos that will resonate with your target audience. People love pleasing visuals and this is the perfect opportunity for you to make engaging and shareable videos to garner views and engagement in social media.


Use Consumer-Generated Content

An effective and affordable way to bring in new customers is by using customer-generated video ads. Nothing beats authenticity and people trust the opinions and reviews of previous customers before deciding that a product is worth a try.

Ask existing customers for honest reviews about their experience with your products and services. Ask for photos or videos and let them share their testimonials about your brand. You can then use these materials for your video marketing strategy. Upload these on your Instagram stories or reels or IGTV, share them to your Facebook My Day stories, or even Twitter Fleets if that’s where your audience is.

These short videos will serve as social proof that can garner trust for your brand when people search for feedback from your previous customers.


Breathe life into your marketing strategy and incorporate video marketing into your business. It may be time-consuming and you’ll have to make the effort to make your videos pop, but this is definitely worth your time.

Videos let your potential customers see what your brand has to offer and what it’s truly about. With this in your arsenal, you will also build an authentic relationship with your audience.

Still in doubt if video marketing is effective? Read Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Small Business.


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