December 16, 2020 Renee Alexis

12 Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners

(and Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers)

The holidays are coming are you done with your Christmas shopping or are you one of those people who do things at the last minute? Whether you’ve done all the gift-wrapping or are yet to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, we’ve curated a list of gift ideas for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers in your life!

Noise Canceling Headphones

Some people’s focus sharpens and thrives when outside noises are blocked and they can only hear their thoughts, or in my case when I can only hear the music I’m playing. Working on a marketing plan for businesses takes a lot of time being immersed in your own thoughts, in researching, and in looking out for inspirations. Without getting distracted by unnecessary noise, noise-canceling headphones are your best pick.

These Sony headphones and Apple AirPods pro are great options.

Bluelight-Blocking Eyewear

Blue-light is very damaging for your eyes, it’s the light that’s emitted from devices and screens. This light is known to cause headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, and insomnia. If you are getting a gift for someone who spends more than half of their day facing a screen – PC, laptop, or phone – the best you can get them is this blue-light-blocking eyewear. These specs are prescription-free glasses that have filtered lenses that can help minimize the effect of the blue light.

A Trusty Notebook

Ideas are everywhere, and they pop when you least expect them. A handy and durable notebook that can be carried anywhere will be very much appreciated by business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers alike. 

A notebook will not only ideas but also reminders, to-do lists, future plans, and other things that need to be written down. A Moleskine is a classic notebook that’s stylish and functional at the same time.

Big Whiteboard with Markers

Make your buddy’s brainstorming session a great one by gifting him a big whiteboard. With a long list of things to do, a whiteboard is something any entrepreneur or business owner will appreciate receiving because no matter how cool the apps and tools are we can find online, we’d always go back to do the traditional thing – like writing. 

Tip: With this item, the bigger the better!

A Bluetooth Speaker

In today’s world, working from home has become the norm. Music, podcasts, and audiobooks are a great source of entertainment. A BlueTooth speaker can elevate the mood and enjoyment as you get through your work while listening to your favorite tunes and podcast episodes.

This one is a great pick.

A Laptop Lap Desk

Digital Marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners are always on their laptops, so basically, getting them this laptop lap desk is just a logical thing to do. 

This specific one has a built-in mouse pad and phone holder, so it’s going to be helpful when you want to lounge and work away from your desk.

A PopSocket

With the large phones we have today, it’s super convenient to have something that can help us grip them more to avoid dropping them. Good thing there’s a thing called a pop socket. This is a handy phone accessory that isn’t just there for its look, as it is highly functional. Just stick it to the back of your phone and you’ll have a phone grip and stand in one.

An Ember Mug

Another thing in this list of gift ideas for small business owners is this unique mug. Do you love coffee but hate it when it gets cold? This cup is the answer to your dilemma. The Ember mug is designed to keep your coffee hot and fresh – even if you poured it an hour ago. What an innovation!

Stress Relief Candles

It’s the winter season, a time to slow down, chill, and relax. But then, work doesn’t stop, does it? Gift your loved one’s relaxation in a form of a stress-relief candle. With a lot of scents to choose from, these Bath and Body Works three-wick soy-based wax candles can burn up to 45 hours to refresh minds and reduce stress.

Subscription to HeadSpace or Calm App

A subscription to a meditation app can be a reminder to your loved one that it’s vital to take time out and breathe. Stress can lead to burnout and can make running a business be an even bigger challenge than it already is. This would be a great gift to remind them to have a work-life balance.

Subscription to their Favorite SaaS

Whether your loved one is an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a digital marketer, they will love and appreciate it if you gift them a premium subscription of their favorite SaaS product. Maybe they like Audible or Spotify or even Grammarly. These apps are great for productivity and inspiration that they will need to get their work done.

A Masterclass

If you are unfamiliar with this, Masterclass is an online learning platform, just like Skillshare and Udemy, that offers classes taught by some of the biggest names in the world. Do you want to learn how to cook like Gordon Ramsay? He teaches a class here! Natalie Portman teaches acting, RuPaul teaches self-expression and authenticity, Stephen Curry teaches shooting, ball handling, and scoring, and so many more. Aside from these, several amazing classes could be useful to entrepreneurs, business owners, and digital marketers. 

Today, they have an offer, a buy one get one deal for the holidays! Don’t miss out!

It’s been a hard year for all of us. I hope this holiday season gives us hope to look forward that the next year will be better. And hopefully, this list of gift ideas for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers will give you that light bulb on what to get for your loved one. Happy shopping!

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